IT support professionals

3S Consultants specialises in providing IT support profiles for your business and rapid, on-site intervention anywhere in Belgium, Netherlands, and the Baltics.

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On-site interventions

Our engineers are mobile, fast and skilled. they can be anywhere in Benelux in a couple of hours .

Remote assistance

We have more than a decade experience in remote support. Our systems are simple, quick and user-friendly.

Website design

Need a website? just drop us a mail, we will quote you on your project!

Dispatch Services

Our engineers are mobile specialists, trained and experienced in repairing hardware from various manufacturers like Dell, Lenovo and HP..

On-site repair and/or analysis: we can completely handle the whole process of problem detection and analysis up until resolution. Just give us a call, we will identify the problem either by telephone or either by coming onsite, and fix the problem.

Printer repairs: our engineers are able to service Xerox and HP printers. We also deliver and remove these printers on demand

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Remote assistance

We have a dedicated off-site team with more than 10 years of experience in solving common and complex end-user problems

Available by telephone on normal office hours. No menus, jsut immediate assistance. A stand-by service is available.

Our mailserver never sleeps, send us a mail.

We are always online in Skype if you prefer to talk face-to-face

Meet the team

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  • F. Van Wichelen
  • Manager On-site Support
  • Network guru
  • Cisco certified
  • plays basket
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  • S.A. Stevelinck
  • Operations Manager Benelux
  • Microsoft certified but loves UNIX
  • speaks 5 languages
  • spends all spare time in the gym
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  • Pavel Voitovitch
  • Manager Remote Assistance Support
  • Operations Manager Baltics
  • certified as MCSE
  • likes to cook

Remote assistance software

3S Consultants uses TeamViewer software to support its remote clients. It is efficient, free and proven. We invite you to install the software and connect with us!

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3S Consultants Benelux has an office in Etten-Leur, close to highway A58/E312. Because of its central location, we can be present in all major cities in the Benelux area like Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Eindhoven, Antwerpen and Brussels.

3S Consultants BV, Penningweg 14, 4879 AG Etten-Leur, Netherlands

+32 465 693 383 / +31 649 014 213


3S Consultants Baltics is situated close to the Old City in Riga. Because of its central location, and being the largest city in the Baltic theatre, we decided upon the Latvian capital to settle. And we havent regretted a second to be part of this very dynamic environment!

3S Consultants SIA, Pirts Iela 8, LV-1003, Riga, Latvia

+371 20 324 210